After receiving six quotes for conveyancing work necessary to sell a flat for 180k we had to wonder why there was such a variation.

We used three different methods of getting these quotes:

1. We obtained one through the flat’s estate agent

2. We obtained two over the Internet

3. We rang three local solicitors

The quote we obtained through the estate agent was £1000. This was the most expensive quote and we could see that the agents had added on £250 commission for themselves.

We obtained 2 over the internet. One of which offered conveyancing for £99 but when we looked at the quote they’d added on lots of additional charges and had totally missed the non-optional fees that are normally payable.

The other internet quote was transparent and appeared to include all other costs and extras quoted by the other mainstream solicitors but they only charged £517 .

In fairness to our three local solicitors they ranged between £750 and £1,150  in their quotes and if we had wanted a more personalised experience we would have chosen one of them but instead opted for the online price comparison service and saved nearly £600.

We were happy and the service was swift, professional and efficient.