If you are buying or selling property in England or Wales, then you will need the services of a conveyancing solicitor. The solicitor will guide you through the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one party to another. This process is known as conveyancing.

We’d recommend that, prior to instructing a solicitor to effect your conveyancing transaction, you should obtain a quotation for the work to be undertaken.

There are numerous methods you could employ to get a formal and proper quotation:housedeed

  • You could use the internet to obtain a list of solicitors in your area.Make sure that you contact one that states that they do offer a conveyancing service. Some solicitors may specialise in a particular aspect of Law such as Family or Commercial Law and may ‘farm out’ their conveyancing work to other solicitors to undertake. We recommend you avoid a solicitor that does this.

Note that you don’t necessarily need to engage a solicitor in your area.

Use A Solicitor From Further Afield

Should you decide to obtain a quotation from an Internet based solicitor you’ll probably discover that you could make considerable savings over using a local firm. You’ll not need to visit that solicitor either as all correspondence and document signing will be managed by recorded post and email. You could use a telephone directory to search for agents in your area. Give them a call and ask them for a quotation over the telephone.

You can also use certain Internet sites that serve to provide a conveyancing comparison service. Some of these sites will provide you with a single quotation price and then put you in touch with a solicitor that they have on their panel who is situated geographically nearest to you. Other sites may provide you with a range of different quote prices from many solicitors and they will make it a bit easier for you to make your choice by providing some analysis of their abilities by displaying customer feedback on the site.

We   compared conveyancing fees at EQuoteConveyancing . It is a great site and provided us with reasonably low quotes which already included all the extra charges that are normally added on later.

Your conveyancing quote will be different depending on whether you have a property to sell or a property to buy. You’ll find that when buying a property, also known as a purchase, there will be more items and services to pay for such as search fees.

Additional Costs

You may find that your sale or purchase transaction is not straight forward and additional services have to be obtained in order to complete your transaction. Generally your solicitor should make contact with you to discuss any of these additional items prior to them commencing any work.

The type of items or services you would expect to see on a typical Purchase conveyancing quote would be as follows:

  • Charge
  • Bank transfer fee
  • Mining Search
  • Environmental Search
  • Personal Water and Drainage Search
  • Land Registry Fee
  • Local Authority Search

Some of the above charges may also have VAT applied to them and some will be VAT exempt.
If you want to find out more information there is a useful article about buying or selling your home on the government website.