Here we provide a conveyancing quote UK website that we found was able to produce some low cost conveyancing quotations.

Visit the following UK based website and you may get to save yourself some money on conveyancing fees.

You can get a quotation through your local family solicitor but if you live south of Luton you may find the fees are very high. This was explained to us as being because any legal practice south of Luton has to pay London rates for office rents and salaries. The conveyancing quote comparison site panel solicitors appear to be mainly based in the north of England in places such as Lancs and Yorkshire.  All important transactions are handled by email and postage so there is no need to actually physically go to the offices to sign any papers which means these are often a good way to save a lot of money.

You are normally allocated a personal case handling conveyancer and are able to speak with them whenever you need to. From our experience anytime they were not available to speak our calls were returned very promptly.

Get a Conveyancing Quote UK

Getting multiple conveyancing quotes in person can take a long time and there are often ‘unseen’ fees that should be considered. Whereas the conveyancing websites give clear quotes upfront in a matter of seconds. Using solicitors further away from home can save hundreds of pounds, and all communication can be done via email, phone or post. Moving house is already a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process and saving a few hundred pounds and a lot of your time can make a huge difference. This is why we recommend trying the online conveyancing options over visiting solicitors in person. Please ensure that you read the small print for whichever solicitor or conveyancer you choose, to avoid unexpected costs or clauses cropping up.