Here we offer answers to some of the most common Conveyancing FAQs. We hope you find this page useful and let us know if we haven’t answered anything that you would like to know.

Best Price & Hidden Costs

I’ve noticed that internet conveyancing sites can vary so much in the fee amount. Why is this?

From our own observations the businesses that offer conveyancing for £199.00 miss out including most other costs, most of which are not avoidable and should be included and quoted for upfront. Examples include, omitting search fees and SDLT which, if your property is priced at over £125,000 is a mandatory cost as far as the […]

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Will I have the same solicitor throughout?

Most online firms claim that every case is assigned to a dedicated case handler. If you are not using an online service the solicitor or conveyancers you choose should be able to make these assurances to you and stick to them. Continuity and effective communication is essential throughout the conveyancing process.

Computer Systems

I want to keep in touch with my case progression at all stages. What can I do?

Make sure you choose a solicitor with good IT systems. A good office will have systems that automatically request searches by Internet and when the searches are received, milestones will be updated within their case management systems. When these milestones are achieved the systems should be sending you an email to let you know that […]

Should I expect Discount?

Should I expect a discount if I’m selling and buying a house using the same solicitor?

If your solicitor is acting for you in two stages because they are both assisting you in buying a house and selling your old one then you will be paying them 2 sets of fees for the two separate jobs they will be undertaking. You could ask whether they may apply a discount but it […]

The Searches

What are Searches?

As standard practice it is imperative that different searches are carried out to seek information affecting the property being sold. Your solicitor will usually request the searches on your behalf from HM Land registry and other sources to check on legal ownership of the property and proper registration of the land. There are many different […]


What are Enquiries?

When a seller places their property onto the market they have a legal obligation to produce an EPC certificate and provide certain information to the prospective seller upon request, usually through the sellers solicitor. Property enquiries have now been generally standardised in the form of a SPIF, a sellers property information form.  This form contains […]

Time - How long does conveyancing take?

How long does the conveyancing process take?

It usually depends on how quickly the solicitors or conveyancers can work for all parties concerned. This would depend on the type of working methods, systems employed and volume of caseload to determine this. Generally you should allow for 4-6 weeks minimum but if one of the conveyancing parties does not work to a norm […]

The Chain

What is a Chain?

If you are a party in a chain your ability to complete the sale or purchase is dependent on parties to the ‘Chain’ other than yourself. For instance, if you are a first time buyer buying from a seller who has maybe inherited the property and does not ordinarily live there, there is no chain […]

Sign Contracts

What is meant by exchange of contracts?

Exchange of Contracts takes place when both the buyer and the seller are at a point where they feel that they can both be satisfied that all legal formalities and enquiries and searches have been carried out and that the results are not adverse enough to be forming a delay whereupon both parties can now […]

Stamp Duty

What is Stamp Duty and what are the rates?

Stamp Duty is a tax levied on properties costing more than £125,000 in the UK. It is the purchaser who pays this tax. In Scotland it is known as a Land and Buildings Transaction tax. It is a banded tax which used to go up to 3% of the excess purchase price. Nowadays the calculation […]

Conveyancing Quote UK Websites

Conveyancing Quote UK Website

Here we provide a conveyancing quote UK website that we found was able to produce some low cost conveyancing quotations. Visit the following UK based website and you may get to save yourself some money on conveyancing fees. You can get a quotation through your local family solicitor but if you live south of Luton you may find […]

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Can I Conduct Conveyancing From Afar?

Yes All work can be undertaken via the post, internet and over the phone. This means that any conveyancing transaction can be actioned without you having to attend the offices of a solicitor no matter where you live in England or Wales. Sworn statements or items that need to be witnessed by a solicitor can usually be […]

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Why is Conveyancing Different in Scotland?

You’ll find that most Scottish Lawyers are also acting as estate agents and will therefore become more involved in selling property than lawyers will do in England or Wales. They will usually be members of Solicitors and Property Centres. These specialised centres have property showrooms and their own property newspapers in which all the members will advertise their properties for […]

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Why do Costs Vary So Much?

After receiving six quotes for conveyancing work necessary to sell a flat for 180k we had to wonder why there was such a variation. We used three different methods of getting these quotes: 1. We obtained one through the flat’s estate agent 2. We obtained two over the Internet 3. We rang three local solicitors The quote we obtained through the estate agent was £1000. This was […]


Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer?

What’s the difference? Conveyancers are not solicitors, therefore they are not governed by the Law Society, they are governed by the CLC, the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. Some lenders won’t allow you to use a licensed conveyancing company and they may even have restrictions on which solicitor you can use if they don’t belong to […]

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No Completion, No Fee

Some conveyancers offer a no completion no fee service. This means that if the case collapses before completion they will not bill you for their fees. At worst you’ll only be asked to pay for disbursements that have been incurred such as searches undertaken and paid for. Ensure that the solicitor or conveyancer you choose […]